Our expertise


The food industry in France is a key sector in the industrial landscape, with a turnover of € 180 billion. On the international level the sector prides itself to rank 6th on the list of exporting agri-food. Our products are known internationally and convey an image of gourmet know-how, of quality and security.

This industrial fabric of small and mid-size companies as well as agricultural cooperatives, in the heart of the French territory, keep creating jobs and companies dynamically take on the challenge of value creation, globalization and adaptation to new trends and consumer habits.

This industry has been experiencing massive changes over the years and this phenomenon is accelerating today. In this transformation context, resource is scarce for numerous positions and new functions appear, adding to the complexity of human resource management, in terms of organization and management and requiring new needs.

In view of these observations and analysis, the Consultants of Sirca Executive Search are in a capacity of assisting and advising clients in order to acquire competencies and personalities able to pilot the transformation of business models and lead the teams towards a new offer.

We work with French and international companies and cooperate with our partners in IMD International Search Group of which Sirca Executive Search is a member.