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Consumer Products - Distribution / Retail

The FMCG (fast moving consumer goods) industry, especially the agri-food, have faced deep and accelerated changes for the past few years. New consumer sensibilities have emerged, linked to health concerns, a desire to feed well, a growing attention to ingredients quality as well as environmental considerations (carbon footprint, packaging, plastic…) and animal well-being. A strong trend which has transpired through the development of organic food, for instance, but also the purchasing of local products through shorter distribution channel or internet buying.

The players in mass distribution and retail in general, already impacted by these trends, face an explosion of the new online purchasing channels, which causes major issues to the durability of their historical business model.

These deep transformations require from industrial companies to re-think their business model, value creation, products and services offer, procurement, distribution channels, and adapt rapidly in an agile mode.

Companies of the sector will more than ever need to acquire competencies and personalities able to analyze and anticipate changes in an evolving and uncertain environment, to evaluate risks, set a course, be able to convince and rally investors and teams and in the end, make decisions. Capitalizing on the roots and DNA of the company, they will need to challenge the tenets and recipes that led to success in the past and substitute new relevant and agile approaches, re-think value propositions and organizations and even more clearly rely on the entrepreneurial spirit rather than on rigid and confined systems.

The future will belong to those firms able to adopt this approach, and in light of this conviction Sirca Executive Search assists and advises clients in the long-term, searching for creative profiles, committed managers and experts, capable through their leadership to anticipate and carry the success of the company.

We work with French and international companies and cooperate with our partners in IMD International Search Group of which Sirca Executive Search is a member.