Our expertise

SMEs and mid-size family businesses

Far from being a survival of an outdated capitalism, family businesses are on the contrary a persistent model, a growth and innovation driver which is essential to our economy.

Some are quoted in the CAC 40 yet a larger part of family businesses are mid-size companies, representing 80% of this company segment (around 4.400 firms) in all industries and 30% of job creations in France.

Built on values of durability, they are characterized by a long-term vision more than objectives of short-term profit, by a capacity of risk taking, and often by a commitment to quality of products or services offered, knowing that the owners put their family assets and personal reputation in the balance.

These features are often found attractive to executives who wish to get involved durably, driven by the sense of innovation and sensitive to the specific values of this type of companies. They join these firms to get autonomy, accountability, a more direct vision on the results of their action, shorter and clearer decision making channels, often more agile.

Sirca Executive Search has developed an expertise of family businesses, assisting them on the long-term, conscious that their success requires hiring technically efficient people of course, but above all people who will personally and fully commit to amplify their added value in this environment and specific family values.

We work with French and international companies and cooperate with our partners in IMD International Search Group of which Sirca Executive Search is a member.