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The managing team of Sirca Executive Search is composed of Partners, supported by experienced professionals, Directors, Researchers, and Support Staff, whose experience and loyalty are the main asset of Sirca Executive Search.

Having chosen to join the executive search business after a corporate background, the Partners of Sirca Executive Search combine the art of working together in a single company project and serving clients collectively and wholeheartedly.

Equipe Sirca
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François Barbé, Partner

While expertise and skills are essential to the success of a candidate, his ability to adapt to the company, his personality and his motivations make a real difference. It is up to us to identify them.

As a headhunter, his role consists in helping his clients to perceive candidates in all their human dimension. Expertise and technical competencies are essential, yet it is the personality of the individuals, their values, capacity to adapt and motivations that make all the difference. Finding the most adequate match between a "human personality" and a "company personality" is the heart of his work.

He always tries to evaluate to what extent a client is open to broaden the range of the candidates' sector expertise. "My assumption is that talents who choose to leave their current position and activity sector to discover something else bring with them a company logics, a certain professional approach, a methodology that are always enriching to internalize".

Graduate in finance/business administration, he started his career thirty years ago in an audit consulting firm. Two years later he was heading to management consulting. For the past ten years he has intervened for the most part in the industrial practice, notably in the energy and transportation sectors (especially air and space), as well as technical services.

"As a Sirca Executive Search Managing Partner since 2004, I appreciate the human and professional dimension of my team and partners. I am also very much attached to the quality and proximity of the members of IMD International Search Group, with whom our partnership has been active for over twenty years".


Industrial – Industrial Equipment – Technical Services – Energy – Infrastructure – Transport – Engineering

Pascal Bohu, Managing Partner

Recruitment is a fragile and subtle art. It often involves an emotional charge and important human and financial implications.

Holding a diploma of Master in Law and graduated from Neoma Business School, he started his career within the Marketing Direction of an important financial institution, but rapidly chose to head to human resources.

He thus entered the recruitment business in 1991 and was immediately won over by the broadness of this profession. Following a first experience in an international recruitment firm, he opted for a smaller structure. In 1999 he decided to join Sirca Executive Search whose image and positioning seemed to him both strong and meaningful.

Today, as Managing Partner of Sirca, Pascal develops his activity in all aspects of the insurance market, as well as for financial institutions and financial corporate functions in other sectors. He also leads confidential searches in the healthcare and social protection sectors.

His commitment extends to the defense and promotion of the profession of executive search,either within the French professional organization Syntec Conseil en Recrutement, notably in its Ethics Committee, or the AESC (Association of Executive Search and Leadership Consultants) that Sirca joined in 2008.


Financial Services - Corporate Finance

Technology – Digital – Software - Telecom

Public Sector – Not-For-Profit 

Sandrine Christen Delsol, Director

Sandrine Christen Delsol
For me, one key of a successful recruitment is the construction of a trustful relationship with our clients as well as with candidates.

Education: Toulouse Business School and MBA in Digital Marketing and Web Management.

After 20 years of experience in sales functions in a large media group, Sandrine Christen Delsol has concentrated her expertise since 2012 on all aspects and stakes of digital transformation, firstly in the media sector, then broadening it to other company functions and varied sectors.

Having completed an MBA in Digital Strategy in 2015, she specialized in the recruitment of digital / IT managers and experts across all industries.

Today she knows that the success of digital transformation relies mainly on human talents. The recruitment of committed and knowledgeable managers to drive this transformation is instrumental in going beyond the resistance to change and to move forward to a successful dynamic.

Her objective is therefore to assist companies in these changes, helping them hiring the best talents who will be up to the numerous challenges linked to digital transformation.

"… A trustful relationship built on the basis of an attentive and caring listening as well as a frank and authentic dialogue. This is the starting point of a positive synergy."


Technology – Digital – Software - Telecom

Anne Debieuvre, Director

Anne Debieuvre
The right candidate is not simply the one who meets every single requirement on the job description but the one who has that "special thing" that makes a match between the candidate and the company.

This conviction has guided Anne Debieuvre for 25 years.

After starting her career in human resource, Anne discovers the recruitment consulting business in independent recruitment firms before managing during 7 years the French subsidiary of a large international network.

Anne is specialized in mid-size companies and family owned businesses in varied sectors: Agrofood, food and cosmetics engineering, specialized retail (B2C and B2B), residential construction, environment, fine chemicals. Her standard practice: Accepting only a single client per market segment in order to offer the largest candidate sourcing pool.

Recruitment is a key issue for a small or mid-size company. A wrong hire impacts such companies more than it does to large groups. This is why Anne thinks that the building up of teams, an intimate knowledge of the client's strategy, a long term partnership are essential aspects for ensuring a successful recruitment.

In 10 years from now, the professional landscape will have changed. Therefore the knowledge of a wide range of sectors and functions will be critical to bring a new vision in the search for candidates and ultimately to create value for the client.

Masters' Degrees in Law and HR Management, Anne is also a Certified Coach and is particularly interested in the integration of high level athletes in companies.


SMEs and mid-size family businesses


Real Estate & Construction

Benoît Desachy, Director

Benoît Desachy
Being at your side to understand what drives you and shapes your future and that of your company, here is my objective.

An Engineer in Physics, Benoît spends his first years in organization consulting, where he discovers sectors such as industrial, healthcare, etc. and assists SMEs as well as international groups in their transformation projects. 

In 2000 he joins the European leader of specialized recruitment to create their first regional office in Lyon.

Willing to acquire an operational experience, he enters an automotive supplier to head the project of implementation of a new information system, including the deployment of an ERP in the groups' manufacturing plants.

Passionate about leadership consulting, he works for 10 years in an executive search organization, only French firm in the Hunt Scanlon Global Top 30. He leads C-level and expert searches in France or abroad with the help of the subsidiaries in concerned countries: Russia, Spain, Italy, North Africa, Switzerland…

Capitalizing on this experience, he creates his own executive search firm, operating mainly for executive boards of regional mid-size industrial companies, largely represented in the Rhône-Alpes region.

Attracted to the collegial and entrepreneurial spirit of Sirca Executive Search as well as its international scope through IMD International Search Group, he joins in January 2020.

Benoît is married and father to five children. He is passionate about endurance sports (running, cycling), mountain sports and marathon (Lyon, Nice, Paris, Berlin…). He has participated many times in the running raid Saintélyon and prepares the UTBM 2020.


Industrial – Industrial Equipment – Technical Services – Energy – Infrastructure – Transport – Engineering

Technology - Digital - Software - Telecom

Philippe Duveau, Partner

Philippe Duveau
The current economic transformation and new challenges facing companies make the choice of executives more and more decisive. It is through commitment to our clients and high standards of professionalism that we will be up to these challenges.

Social and economic upheavals, accelerated by burgeoning technology, pressure companies to constantly rethink in a more agile way their markets and clients and to rapidly adjust internally in terms of organization and management.

Steering companies in a growingly uncertain environment, hiring employees and executives, become more and more crucial and our profession must naturally evolve as well. Intellectual agility, reaction towards risk taking, as well as personal, relationship and management ("soft") skills become prominent versus traditional technical competencies acquired through a career and recapped in a résumé. The capacity to assess these new factors and advise clients are the value proposition of an executive search consultant.

Graduate from Neoma Business School, he held during 20 years marketing and commercial responsibilities in large international FMCG groups, then in 1999 started to work in executive search, a profession in which he grew passionate about meeting people, discovering companies and constructing long-term relationships.

Expertise: Consumer products, notably food & drinks, mass Retail and specialized Retail (food retail, specialized non-food distribution, wholesale, B2C/B2B). With a deep knowledge of these sectors and their functional specifics, he leads searches for the main operational and support directions of companies.


Consumer Products - Distribution / Retail

Cécile Labarre, Director

Cécile Labarre
Getting fully involved in searches with passion and high standards of quality, work in transparency ensuring the advisory role that is expected from us. This is what drives me.

An agri-food Engineer graduated from INA PG after majoring in biochemistry, Cécile spent over 15 years in the food industry. The variety of positions that she held allowed her to discover the many functional lines in this industry. Whether in Brazil, in France or in India, she held operational management responsibilities in production plants or subsidiaries, then corporate management positions in charge of 75 plants with a team of 110 people in 21 countries.

Building on this experience and increasingly versed in human resources, Cécile started to use her solid knowledge of the food industry, its functional specifics and international reach to serve companies and candidates.
Active in the executive search business since 2012, attracted by its model and values, she has joined Sirca in 2018.

Cécile operates in the main operational and support directions of companies in the food industry (B2B, B2C and B2B2C), be it for cooperative structures, mid-size companies or multinational groups.

She also conducts training courses on intercultural management in companies or for higher education institutions.

"I am convinced that diving into the environment of our clients and investing time to fully understand their expectations and those of potential candidates is crucial to the next steps of our assignments: Targeting and assessment. Recruit as if it was for my own company, work in transparency and be the trusted advisor that our clients need. This is what motivates me."



Consumer Products - Distribution / Retail

Marc de Souza, Partner

Marc de Souza
There can be no satisfactory results without a keen understanding of the environments and cultures of the specific institutions for which we work.

ISG Business School and LLB. Marc has spent a good part of his first professional years in international banking institutions as a Corporate Banker.

In 1987 he joined a large recruitment firm as Head of Banking/Financial Markets & Insurance Practice.

In 1994 he headed to a career in headhunting and became a Managing Partner at SIRCA Executive Search.

He serves major groups in the banking, financial markets and insurance sectors.


Financial Services - Corporate Finance

The Consultants of Sirca can count on a committed and reliable team: Researchers, Office Manager, IMD Secretary General and Assistants. This team is the keystone of Sirca's success, daily and over time.