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The assessment process offered by Sirca Executive Search may be applied whenever a company faces an evolution that involves one or several team members.

The situations that Sirca Executive Search experiences most of the times are:

  • Help to evaluate internal or external candidates
  • Detection of high potential
  • Leadership assessment (appraisal of leadership skills, beyond the basic abilities to manage, decide, organize and delegate)
  • Analysis of the professional background
  • Assessment of intercultural compatibility. Today it is no more conceivable to assume that a manager is adaptable to any culture worldwide. To anticipate success and avoid impactful failures with huge human and financial consequences, Sirca Executive Search offers to clients an appraisal of the compatibility of internal or external managers to a certain country or region.

In any case, our process implies a thorough process of review and analysis of the context:

  • Company audit: Analysis of the market, company vision, strategy, ambitions, challenges, objectives, etc. 
  • Review of the functions: job description, scope of responsibilities, organization chart, etc. 
  • Definition of competences, personality and motivation referential

Whether we work on individual or team assessments, our methodology is based on in-depth individual interviews with the concerned people. We usually combine these interviews with a personality inventory test (Sosie©, PerformanSe©, Hogan©) for which all Sirca Executive Search Partners are trained. We may also recommend an Assessment Center with which we have a partnership.


Leadership consulting

To "Anticipate Success" of companies and individuals, Sirca Executive Search is ideally positioned as a global human resource partner for companies General Management, Human Resource Direction and Operational Directions.

Our privileged connection to company leaders, our knowledge of human capital and organizations allow us to assist our clients in the following areas:

  • Composition of Executive Boards, in terms of complementarity and success forecast (competencies, motivation, relationship skills, management style, decision-making type…)
  • Talent diversity (gender, generation, ethnicity…), talent identification and evaluation (career and skills planning process) 
  • Employer brand; compensation & benefits policy, notably on profiles concerned by talent shortage

We have developed recognized know-how on the different aspects of Leadership Consulting:

  • Advising to executive boards and management teams 
  • HR audit, organization audit (notably in a due diligence process) 
  • Assessment of executives and management team: Selection process, internal promotions, succession plans, etc.
  • Talent identification (high potentials) 
  • Individual and group coaching and skills development of company leaders / top managers, including onboarding coaching, relying on our selective external partners 
  • Intercultural coaching (individual and group) 
  • Help with defining a professional project (F3P© process)

For their leadership consulting assignments, the Consultants of Sirca Executive Search or their referenced Partners can rely on renowned tools (Sosie©, PerformanSe©, MBTI©, F3P©).

Trajectoires by SIRCA®

Since 2015, exceptionally, for our regular clients, Sirca Executive Search may handle selection processes for positions in mid-management, high potential junior profiles, or experts. These assignments are led under our brand Trajectoires by Sirca©

These assignments involve a lighter yet equally qualitative process than our searches for higher management positions, and are systematically placed under the responsibility of a Senior Consultant who oversees all client relationships.


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